Electrical and Electronics Engineering-Vision Mission




Our vision is to build a basic knowledge about the electrical power and utilization, and also includes circuits and devices, power electronics, Electrical Instrumentation and computation to build an educational identity through leading degree programs based on curricular innovation.

Our educational approach emphasizes a solid technical base combined with critical thinking, emotional intelligence and experiential learning while encouraging entrepreneurship through open innovation with quality, high-impact service.

Our Vision includes providing the best possible education facilities and to guide the students to become performing professionals in the industrial arena . To render service to the industries and community through educational, technical and entrepreneurial activities and innovations. To prepare a cadre of engineers and scientists to cater to the industrial development and economic growth of the country




Electrical Engineering have had a profound impact on our society and culture. Electrical Engineering employs mathematics and the physical sciences to advance these technologies. Its practitioners must be accomplished in the relevant fields of pure science and mathematics. Engineering is an application of human creativity to practical problems

The tasks and responsibilities of this course include designing and developing new power systems, testing and maintaining the Electrical Equipment’s. It plays a major role in all the power generating and proper distributing the electrical power.